Pink Louie AAAA++


Premium strain (AAAA+) ounces may be purchased with our exchangeable GXEarth Jar (see image)

Pink Louie, aka "Pink Louie 13th OG" cannabis strain by Riot Seeds is an evenly balanced hybrid. It is a foundational member of California's Clone Only scene, and every collective has this bud high on its to-sell list. It yields massive amounts and has the dank flavour of OG Kush that is sought out by rappers, celebrities and dab aficionados alike. Pink and purple colours often appear. This strain can treat chronic and daily pain. Pink Louie 13th OG cannabis strain is good for daytime and evening usage.

THC: 23% | CBD: 0.3%

Flavours: Spicy

Medical Use: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress

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