Room 920 Beverages 1000mg


Blue Moon Tea: 1000 mg per bag.
1000 mg Amazonian mushrooms per bag. A mix of organic lemon grass, ginger and blue pea flowers blended with dried Amazonian mushrooms.

Mint Tea: 1000 mg per bag.
1000 mg of Amazonian mushrooms per bag. Organic spearmint and peppermint flakes blended with dried Amazonian mushrooms.

Iced Tea: 1000 mg per bag.
Some say nothing beats iced tea for refreshing comfort. The comfort factor makes this tea a natural for a measured-dose of psilocybin. Great for a reliable trip with euphoric properties.

Hot Chocolate: 1000 mg per bag.
Room 920 Hot Chocolate is infused with psilocybin and is perfect for cool evenings or nighttime use. Use with milk, dairy or fats to bind with the psilocybin and activate it to its fullest potential.

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