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Garlic Cane (Clone)


Garlic Cane, also known as Garlic Bud, is a classic strain from the 1990s that is a direct descendant of the infamous indica Afghani strain with a touch of sativa. This bud is famous among the cannabis community for its insanely pungent smell reminiscent of a freshly dug up clove of garlic and a taste of tangy musk with a hint of spicy earthy garlic upon exhale. Also praised for it's medical applications, Garlic Cane is known to provide real relief for nerve pain, insomnia and general relaxation as well as being anti-anxiety and paranoid free. This balanced hybrid is spicy smelling and will remind you a lot of food due to its pungent personality.

Genetics: Afghanistan

THC: 18-20% | CBD: 1%

Flowering time: 8-9 Weeks (Indoors) | Mid-October (Outdoors)

Average Yield: 400g/m2 (Indoors) | 500g/plant (Outdoors)

LIMITED TIME DEAL: Buy any 5 clones for $300

Images are the mother plants. Clones are the clippings from the mother plant.

When placing orders for clones kindly allow 48-72 hours for delivery preparation. All flowers are freshly trimmed and prepared by our licensed farmer.
A representative will contact you once your order has been placed with further information of your delivery status.

Please contact us directly for wholesale inquiries.

What is a cannabis “clone?” What are the advantages of taking marijuana clones? Well, first of all, cloning is one of the easiest and fastest ways for cannabis growers to make many new (and basically free) weed plants at once!

Cloning cannabis is the process of making a smaller copy of a specific cannabis plant. Basically, a clone is a little piece of plant that has been cut off (a “cutting”) from a parent plant and then given the opportunity to make roots of its own.

Cannabis clones are cuttings from a marijuana plant – these cuttings make roots of their own and grow into an identical plant as the “mother!”

Each cannabis clone has the same genes and is a genetic copy of its parent. That means if the parent of the clone is a female, you are guaranteed that all the clones taken from that cannabis plant will be female, too.

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